So, you're asking yourself, what the heck is this site about, just some vague tribute to this guy's EGO? Well, yes and no.

This site is mainly for my use to test web technologies for my job as a Security Engineer for a Web Hosting Provider at Interland Inc. But that is not the complete use.

I also use it to understand web technologies, for example, the Homepage is links I use every day, all input to a MySQL database, then tracked with some PHP code to "bubble" up the ones I use the most to the top of the category. On the Index page, I use MagpieRSS parser for PHP to display the last 5 Blog and Gallery entries from the RSS feed they supply. Also, I have various other pieces of software (some you see, some you don't) for various uses.

Most of my family does not live near me, so the gallery provides a place to post pictures of my life and times. The Blog lets me spout out about Random Crap I feel like talking about. You get the idea.

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